Corporate Philosophy & Mission

Motto Creating Pleasure
Fundamental Idea We realize our customers' dreams and create pleasure for them through our computer system.
We will be the "Only One" by creating the unique products with our best knowledge and skills.
  1. To promote highly information-oriented community as a system integrator.
  2. To develop "Pen Software" in order to realize user-friendly computer and provide the product and service worldwide.
  3. To continue research and development for "Information Technology" of next generation.

Job description

SI (system integration)

  • Total support from planning, designing and development of business system to maintenance
  • Settingup of E Commerce system

Settingup of Computer Network system

  • LAN (Local Area Network) system
  • WAN (Wide Area Network) system
  • Internet system, Intranet system

Pen Software development

  • Research and development of "Signature Authentication System" and "Signature Authentication Method"
  • Realization of keyboardless and mouseless computer by developing "Pen Software"

Content production

  • Assistance of making home page, Computer Graphics and E Commerce


Name : WACOM-IT Co.,Ltd. WACOM-IT Co.,Ltd.

Headquarter Address : 43,Hokuryo-cho Matsue-City,
Shimane Japan 690-0816
Tel.+81 852 20 7200
Fax.+81 852 21 8729
Tokyo Office : ITO Bldg.2F,2-5-19,shiba Minato-ku,
Tokyo Japan 105-0014
Tel.+81 3 6435 4950
Fax.+81 3 6435 4951
Establishment : April 1,1993
(Authorized under Shimane Corporation Locating Promotion Municipal Ordinance, Article 4)
Capital : 49,000,000yen
Stockholders : WACOM Co.,Ltd.
Executives Employees
Executives : CEO : Yasushi Fukumitsu
Chairman : Katsumi Imaoka
Senior Managing Director: Koji Santou
Auditor : Moriyoshi Haku
Number of employee : 57

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